Extended Reality (XR) at CI for Nursing is intended as a site for sharing information and resources related to XR. For nursing educators, this may be helpful in exploring augmented (AR), mixed (MR) and virtual reality (VR), including resources to facilitate XR simulated experiences. For others, we hope to share examples, encourage innovative ideas, and offer a place to find resources, share, or reach out to connect.

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During clinical courses, students are typically oriented to a hospital and the units they will be assigned in a relatively short timeframe over a few hours. Often, exploration in the room or on the unit is based upon the hospital census and availability of rooms or equipment to review with students.

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Faculty was interested in exploring the possibility of the use of mixed reality in nursing education to improve opportunities for practical experience related to communication in health care situations. Often times, clinical experiences may allow for students to observe patient/family/staff interactions and conversations, but typically are not led by the student nurse.

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The immersive platform of Embodied Labs was found to be well grounded in concepts that aligned to nursing curriculum and course content, in particular, improving knowledge, increasing empathy and potentially fostering self-efficacy and confidence.